Monday, February 28, 2011

My Shine Spray Obsession... Bedhead TIGI Headrush...

I bought this last November, used it a couple of times and then it got buried under the mound that is my collection of shine & hair sprays! Considering I cut down when I had my clear out before Xmas last year, I still have 6!

Here is my can...

I reached for this at 7.30am this morning as my hair was looking a bit fluffy. As I had to leave at 7.50am, I didn't have time to use my GHD's. I grabbed this can, sprayed a light mist all over and oh my gosh... my hair never looked so shiny!

You only need a really light spray all over - too much and it will weigh hair down and make it look greasy.

Described by TIGI as Shine Adrenaline with a Superfine Mist and I couldn't agree more! It also smells amazing and the 200ml can will last ages.

When I had blonde highlights this was the only shine spray that made them look dazzling. I used to go through about 3-4 cans a year.

Now that my hair is brunette, the dazzle is even brighter ;) I am truly sorry for neglecting my can of Headrush and it won't happen again!

Have you tried this amazing shine spray? x


  1. Never tried it but it sounds amazing!

  2. @FaceFixers.. it really is :) it costs about £13 a can in salons, but you can get it for less online. try it & you won't regret it! :) x

  3. Ooh I've never tried this, but I tried other bed head products and loved them :)


  4. I love shine sprays!
    It's always hard to find a good one though! My current favorite is Sally Hershberger Salon Smooth Fix. I'm very curious to try this one though and will pick one up next time I see this! Thanks for sharing this with us! =D

    Andrée xx

  5. @R... It's so amazing! If you love Bed Head products, you will love this! :) x

    @Straight Up Glam.. you won't regret it Andree! I'll have to look out for that one too :) x


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