Sunday, February 27, 2011

My LUSH Shopping List...

I'm planning on going to LUSH in Poole next weekend and I can't wait! I haven't been to the store for years (shame on me!) and it's also where they make everything. I've just had a look on their website and have decided that I'm going to get:

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* Full of Grace (a face serum in the form of a solid bar)
* Honey I Washed The Kids (solid bar of soap)
* Magic Mushroom (bubble bar)
* Dream Cream (body lotion)
* Soft Coeur (a solid massage bar - oo-er!)
* American Cream (conditioner)

I might also get another 'BB Seaweed' Fresh Face Mask and maybe another 'The Comforter' bubble bar.

I'm intrigued to try the 'Full of Grace' serum underneath a face mask, which is what LUSH recommend.

I've noticed that the other massage bar I wanted - After 8.30 - is only available via mail order :( I used to buy this all the time as it smells just like Mint Aero - yum! Therefore, I shall be buying 'Soft Coeur', which smells of honey-toffee and has a chocolate & honey soft centre - double yum! I think I'll have to stop myself from eating a piece :)

What's your favourite LUSH product? Is there anything else I should get? x


  1. I recently got a amssive Lush haul for Valentines, and I can only say good things about their products! I have Dream Cream & it is amazing, I also got the face mask 'Magnaminty' as I wanted a peel off mask. This mask is green, and looks and smells like mint choc chip ice cream - it's hard not to eat it :D It's like a clay face mask, so it hardens & you can kind of peel it off, but my God does your face feel smooth - I love it. I'd also recommend the Pied de Pepper foot cream, because not only does it work, but it smells like the most amazing pepper dessert ever! Like something Heston Blumenthal would whip up.

    Steph xxx

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  2. @Steph.. hi & thank you for the follow! :) those 2 products sound great - I shall put those on my list and give them a look :) x

  3. Ooooh I love Honey I Washed The Kids, it smells yummy!

  4. @GABY.. In that case, I'm definitely getting it! :) I haven't bought one of their soaps for ages, but I thought it would work nicely with 'It's Raining Men' :) x

  5. Snow Fairy - I never fail to get a bottle and then some more every Christmas! x

  6. @Joanna Louise.. I have some of that (luckily I got a bottle last November) I can see my shopping list getting longer by the day! :) x

  7. Oh yay! I love Lush! You must be excited to go pick up some goodies!
    My all time favorite product from them is the Comforter Bubble Bar. I actually did a post a while back on my favorite Lush products. It might add to your shopping list haha, but you should check it out! American Cream is another wonderful product, it smells heavenly!

    I look forward to seeing what you will end up getting!

    Andrée xx

  8. Yummy! Definitely do it! I love lush stuff, and treat myself everytime i'm out shopping. Every girls deserves to be pampered. I've got the magic mushroom on the go at the min (smells devine) and the Soft Couer massage bar too (leaves your skin lovely and soft and the hands glide along the body ;)



  9. @Straight Up Glam.. I am, Andree :) x I should really 'up' my collection of LUSH products ;) I've always stuck to just getting 1 or 2 things at a time(seeing as they're meant to be used whilst still fresh) but screw it! ;) A blog post will follow when I get my haul :) x

    @KylieDee.. in that case, I'm definitely getting the Soft Coeur ;) x


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