Monday, February 14, 2011

My Manicure Must-Have... Creative Nail Solar Oil...

There are many conditioning nail oils on sale, but for me, there is only one and that is...

Creative Nail SolarOil

This is a salon-sized 68ml bottle and I only have a small amount left. I must get some more! I have had this for a year and it has lasted me all this time. You only need a tiny amount and it can be used every day.

If you're suffering from dry skin, rough cuticles or you wear extensions, then this is the perfect nail oil for you.

Creative Nail say:

SolarOil is a conditioning treatment that penetrates deeply and quickly, softening cuticles and promoting strong, flexible natural nails and enhancements. SolarOil's natural blend of Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E creates a light penetrating oil with antioxidant agents.


Apply daily to soften cuticles and help keep natural nails and enhancements more flexible.

I really cannot recommend this oil enough... It's the only thing that keeps my nails strong, keeps ragged cuticles at bay and stops my skin becoming dry.

Here's my nail before...

This is my natural nail with no polish/hand cream/nail oil.

Here's my nail after I applied SolarOil...

Notice how the nail has a healthy sheen to it? I applied one drop of SolarOil with the brush provided and then massaged it in.

For best results, lightly buff the nail bed first, apply a drop of SolarOil to each nail and then spend a few minutes massaging it in. This will stimulate the nail bed and promote healthy growth. Buffing the nail lightly also helps the oil to absorb. SolarOil is also great for maintaining acrylic nails as it helps to bond the layers to your nail and prevent lifting. It stops your extensions drying out and nourishes the natural nail underneath. Basically, it's a real miracle product and I can't live without it!

I bought my bottle from eBay for a bargain £12, but this is available in other sizes and starts at about £3 for a 7.5ml bottle from salons.

I love the whole Solar Manicure range - all the products smell of marzipan - and there is a product in the range for every step of the manicure process. Each product does exactly what it claims and they last for ages.

Have you tried SolarOil? x


  1. I totally haven't tried this before, but i will because you know i'm on my nail growth mission, did my first bit of filing today haha! :)

    Great post hun! xxx

  2. @TheRoxyLoves.. thanks hun! :) you won't regret buying it but perhaps you could buy a 7.5ml bottle first, which will really start you off x Yay! Keep it up and you'll have great nails in no time :) To give you some idea of what my nails were like before, the pink (nail bed) seen in the picture was a lot shorter than that (about a third in fact) now all my nails have a longer nail bed :) x


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