Sunday, February 06, 2011

Me & My Hair...

I decided to do another post today, as I used John Frieda 3-Day Straight earlier and wanted to tell you about the result.

Right now, my hair comes most of the way down my back (I'm 5ft7). You might be able to see my layers, but as my hair is dark, they're a bit hard to spot!

This is my hair after I applied 3-Day Straight and used my GHD's.

After this one use, I'm impressed with how my hair looks and feels. To test it properly, I didn't use any other styling products. I shampooed with my new shampoo ('Heavenly Hydration' by Catwalk/TIGI) and a new conditioner ('Sexed Up' by Catwalk/TIGI). I spied these two products in TK Maxx and snapped them up :) They're fantastic and I especially love the conditioner.

I sprayed it about 15 times all over my hair whilst it was still damp and I blasted it dry with the hairdryer. I then ran my GHD's through, gave it a final brush and voila!

My hair now feels very smooth and sleek, but the real test will be to see it lives up to the claim of keeping straight for 3 days! I plan on doing a blog post next week and will let you know the result.

Have you tried this on your hair yet? Did it stay straight for 3 days? x


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! Hun your hair is GORGEOUS!! How have you managed to get it sooo long and healthy!

    I don't need to straighten mine as it's so fine and pin straight, but i would like to see how it works for you! xx

  2. I purchased 2 bottles of this yesterday from Boots, as it was on offer. I haven't tried it myself yet but my daughter has curly hair that is about your length, I sprayed about 15 pumps on her hair and then she dried it and straightened it as normal, she commented that her hair was easier to straighten than normal and it looks lovely at the moment, but the real test I suppose will be when she gets up in the morning. I hope it lives up to the hype. Jude x

  3. @TheRoxyLoves.. thanks hun :) I've always had long hair (my dad used to brush it 100 times every night when I was little!) and can't imagine having it short :) x

    @Jude.. I tried to get mine in Boots but they're having an overhaul & didn't have any! I found that my straighteners glided through my hair. I hope it works for your daughter :) Don't we always want the hair type we don't have?! x

    @kirstyb.. thank you so much :) x I have to maintain it every day or else I look a fright! ;) x

  4. Oh wow, your hair is gorgeous!!!

  5. @R... thank you :) I try my best! ;)

  6. Ooohh, i'd be interested to try that on my hair! Its relatively straight really but VERY flickly and moves very easily. I might give it a go next time i'm in boots, thank you!

    Would love you to check out my blog and let me know what you think?


  7. @Sarah.. you're welcome :) fingers crossed they'll have it on offer (2 for £7.50) You've got a great blog, I'll have to try the pizza recipe! :) x


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