Thursday, February 24, 2011

By Terry Baume de Rose... Updated Review...

Last year, I did a post about the pot of By Terry Baume de Rose I bought. I've been using it every night for the past 3 months and I decided to do an updated review.

Here's another look at my pot...

I apply a thin layer every night before bed and the result?

Not much! Yes, my lips are plumper, but I find that if I accidently swallow some in the night, I wake up with a sore throat. I would expect this if I had put on a thick layer, but I only use a small amount and I like to massage it in. It's quite thick, so a little goes a long way.

The balm leaves a nice sheen on the lips and it smells nice (roses). That's not my issue. My issue is the fact that it's only made a small difference to the feel of my lips. This is disappointing considering this costs £35!

As I've only tried it for 3 months, I might give it a little longer. However, I'm skeptical, as my Body Shop Lip Butter moisturises just as well and I could buy SEVEN pots of that for the price of Baume de Rose!!

I'm also going to stick my head on the chopping block and say that I'm sure you pay for the name 'By Terry' and not necessarily for what's in the pot. I'm sure those products work for lots of people, but to just pay for a name seems silly. Take Creme de la Mer... some of their products are great and really work - others, not so much. I think that it's worth testing a product before purchasing so that you're not parting with any hard-earned cash and then only getting a let down in return.

Have you tried Baume de Rose? Should I give it a while longer? Has another product failed to live up to its hype for you lately? x


  1. Hmmm i hate it when you think a product will be fab and it lets you down. If it was me id use it up just because i wouldnt want to waste it but after 3 weeks i think youve given it a pretty good shot xx

  2. Oh, for the price tag you could really expect that it lives up to the hype. Too bad it doesn't!
    I heard so many good things about Burt's Bee lip balms, but IMO they don't live up to the hype, either :-( I'll have to spend my cash on E.Arden's 8 hour stick, for me it' simply the best for my lips.
    I'm wondering how moisturizing the new By Terry concealer is, though. Have you perhaps tested that one? It's so expensive, that's why I'm hesitating to buy.

  3. @nicoletta.. I think I have - I'm just going to use it up in different ways (on my nails, etc) I certainly won't be repurchasing it! :) x

    @Tabatha.. I know, I was peeved to say the least! :) 8 Hour Cream is great :) I haven't tested the concealer yet, but I would def ask one of the girls in SpaceNK to try it on you (then you can wear it for a few hours to see if you like it or not). I would love to try the Chantecaille concealer (as you can tell, not many of my tastes are cheap!) :) x


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