Thursday, February 17, 2011

In and Out number 2

These posts are the simplest to do, but I always find them interesting on other people's blogs, so here are my current Ins & Outs :)


Thorntons Mini Caramel Shortcakes - I am totally addicted to these! They come in a pack of 12 and despite being 86 calories EACH, I just cannot stop eating them. If you have never tried these little bites of heaven before, get yourself down to a supermarket and stock up!

Hair Products - this has never been an 'Out' but lately I am enjoying using a few different brands and mixing-&-matching what I use. The list is pretty big, but I currently indulge in: Aveda shampoo & conditioner (both Smooth Infusion & Color Conserve ranges), Kerastase, Pantene, Herbal Escences, John Frieda 3-day Straight, MoroccanOil and a few others! There have been a lot of new products released recently and I decided to dive in and try some :)

Clinique 3-Step - I am loving this skincare range more and more every week. It's really working for my skin and I can't wait to see how my skin looks in weeks to come.

Glossy Magazines - I'm totally addicted to magazines and buy: Grazia, LOOK, heat, Glamour, InStyle, Marie Claire, ELLE, Vogue and Cosmopolitan every week/month! I love each magazine for different reasons and always buy them without fail. They tend to have some amazing free gifts (for instance, Glamour (UK) will be giving away Clinique sample-sized products in next month's issue!) I don't smoke or drink, so magazines are my vice (along with shopping!) :)

DIY Manicures
- I enjoy doing my nails myself. It took me a long time to get them the way I want and I see a bit of weekly maintenance as a small price to pay. I tend to grab a load of my favourite products, sit down in front of the TV or a DVD and get to work :)


Topshop Face Wipes - I love the packaging on these wipes, but they are so dry! This is a real disappointment, as their Nail Polish Remover Wipes are brilliant. I took one wipe, wiped my makeup off of one side of my face and it was bone dry! I pulled out another one and the same thing happened again. Now, they're sat in my drawer. Not impressed!

Early Mornings
- as of next week, I shall be getting up at 6.30am. I'm starting a new job and it's a few miles further than my last one, so earlier mornings are a must. I have done it before, so it's just a case of getting myself into a routine and getting an early night during the week. Boring but necessary I'm afraid! :)

Red Bull
- I am partial to the odd can of Red Bull. I know it's one of those drinks that people either love or hate, but I like it. However, after reading a news piece the other day about how research shows it can cause kidney problems, I've changed my mind. I don't tend to have more than 1 or 2 cans a week, but I'm not prepared to take the risk! Therefore, no more Red Bull for me, no matter how tempted I am!

Sticking to the same makeup
- I am enjoying wearing different products and experimenting with various looks right now. I always used to favour a light smokey eye and a nude lip, but lately I've been playing up my eyes and wearing different colours on my lips. I shall continue to experiment and post more FOTD's :)

What are your current Ins and Outs? x


  1. Ooh I'm addicted to magazines too. It's so bad I buy a magazine every other day (!). Yes, crazy I know but I read quite a few weeklies (Grazia, Look, Heat, Now) and then all those monthlies (Glamour, Elle, MC, InStyle, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmo)... I need to 'cut down' but don't know if I can! :P

  2. @Miss A.. It's so bad ;) I also love Vanity Fair & Harpers Bazaar & I read OK! & others at the hairdressers! I think we should continue ;) lol x


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