Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some Old Favourites Rediscovered... Sanctuary Salt Scrub & Kiehl's Creme de Corps...

I was looking through my products the other night and discovered these two gems...

I have quite a few of these sachets and love how the scrub inside is rougher than the mixture in the jar. The one in the glass jar appears to contain more oil, but the contents in the sachet seems to be a bit drier.

Personally, I love this. The scrub does a great job as it contains just enough oil to stop it becoming abrasive. Once rinsed off, it leaves a gorgeous sheen on my skin and it really prepares it for my other new-found favourite, Kiehl's Creme de Corps!

I got a small bottle of this last November from SpaceNK. It was an early Xmas present and as I hadn't tried it before I decided to get the 125ml bottle.

WOW! This is such a good moisturiser. When I applied it after using the Sanctuary Salt Scrub, my skin felt absolutely amazing... Soft, moisturised, deeply-clean, tingly (from a great exfoliation), smooth and beautifully fragranced.

Creme de Corps has a light fragrance and it's very thick! Kiehl's also sell a lightweight version of this Creme, but I love the thicker version. It does take a few extra minutes to sink in, but I think it's more than worth it.

I'm planning a day out to Bristol in about 5 weeks time and I can't wait to go to Harvey Nichols/SpaceNK and get some more :)

Kiehl's say that it should be applied 10 days in a row to see results, so I'm thinking of getting the 250ml bottle to test their claim!

I really love this new-found combination of products and will definitely look into other products in my collection that I can combine.

Sanctuary Salt Scrub costs £1.38 per 60g sachet & Kiehl's Creme de Corps is £15.50 for a 125ml bottle.

Have you rediscovered any old favourites recently? x


  1. I love Kiehl's products! The Imperial Body Balm is my favorite body moisturizer of theirs', but I will give the Creme de Corps a try and will pick it up next time I'm at my local Kiehl's counter!

    Thank you for sharing this with us! =)

    Andrée xx

  2. The scrub sounds great. I love the scent of another the Sanctuary rose perfume. xx

  3. @Straight Up Glam.. me too, they're amazing! :) I've never tried that Balm though - the name makes it sound great! :) x

    @FaceFixers.. I really recommend it :) I'll have to give that perfume a sniff next time I'm in Boots :) x

  4. I've been desperate to try Creme De Corps for like years as i have really dry skin on my legs. I'm trying to do my purse a favour by not trying it cause i'll probably LOVE it and then it'll be another expensive product i have to repurchase over and over! xoxo

  5. @Jo.. don't let the price tag put you off hun - you can get a small bottle for £8.50 (75ml). As you only need it on your legs that size will last a while. Some Kiehl's counters will also give you sample sachets, which is a great way to try it. Go in there and seek out a friendly shop assistant! :) x

  6. Hehe yeah maybe i'll pop to the counter tomorrow and see if i can blag myself a sample! BUT if i become addicted im blaming you :D xx


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