Friday, February 11, 2011

My Inspired Look... A Valentine's Day FOTD...

I was inspired to do a Valentine's Day FOTD for tonight's blog post, as many people will be going out tomorrow night and I wanted to do it before Monday :)

This is the look I went for...

Another photo so you can see the eyeshadow...

The products I used for this look was:

* MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation in 'NC20'
* MAC Blush in 'Well Dressed'
* MAC MSF in 'Soft and Gentle'
* Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer
* L'Oreal Chrome Shine Eyeshadow in '172 Beige Shimmer'
* L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in 'Carbon Black' (2 coats on top lashes)
* Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in 'Black'
* Stila Kajal Eye Pencil in '02 Topaz' (lower waterline)
* MAC lipstick in 'Impassioned'
* 'Lingering' brow pencil

I wanted a look that combined dewy skin, a light shimmery eye, lashings of mascara and eye-catching lips!

I think that this is perfect for Valentine's Day... It's flattering for any skintone, is a cinch to do (in case you are surprised with a last-minute date!) and you don't need a tonne of products (so you look naturally pretty and not too 'made up').

The last photo, which shows 'Impassioned' close-up...

I decided to wear 'Impassioned' for this look, as I wanted a change from the cliche 'Valentine's Red'. It's a stunning colour and really makes an impact, with or without gloss! I didn't wear any gloss on top of this and I love how 'juicy' the colour looks. Perfect for making your lips kissable ;)

Have you got a 'look' planned this Valentine's Day? Is there any particular look you would like to see me recreate (in a future blog post)? x


  1. Looks so good! I've heard so much about "Impassioned" if i wasn't on a spending ban (and unemployed) i'd snap that baby up!

    Great look!! xxx

  2. @TheRoxyLoves.. thanks hun! :) It's not for the faint-hearted (and prepare for a load of looks if you venture out wearing it!) It's part of MAC's perm collection... fingers crossed you'll get a job soon so you can splurge! :) lol x

  3. Lovely look, you have amazing bone structure...I want cheekbones like that! :)

  4. @Rachael.. thank you :) xx they're both a blessing & a curse ;) I have to take photos carefully or else they look like they'd take someone's eyes out! ;) x

  5. This is such a pretty look! Your skin looks fantastic and I'm really loving that lip color on you! =)

    Andrée xx

  6. @Straight Up Glam.. thanks Andree :) It's a long way from 'Myth' but I love it! :) x

  7. Check out those gorgeous pink lips! x

  8. @Joanna Louise.. thank you! :) they're a bit full-on I know, but what the heck! ;) x

  9. WHOA - This lipstick is amazing. Need.

    S xx

  10. @Sarah.. you really do - get to MAC now! ;) x

  11. Love the glow on your skin and that lipstick is so pretty! x

  12. @StyleFrost.. thanks hun :) it's such a bright shade & I always feel as though I stick out like a sore thumb when I wear it out! ;) x


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