Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leighton Denny for Urban Retreat... UR Natural... Nail Polish Review...

I adore Leighton Denny nail products, so when I saw his 'Urban Retreat French Duo' nail polish set in TK Maxx for just £2, I snapped it up!

For that bargain price, I got 'UR Natural' (a gorgeous 'French Manicure Pink') and 'UR Heavenly' (a chic shade of beige).

I got this last month, but only just got round to using it tonight. I decided to paint my nails with 'UR Natural' and here's how it looks...

This was taken without the flash. With the flash, the colour looked too close to my skintone and appeared too white.

I also took one to show it in natural daylight...

I applied 3 coats to get this rich, hot-baby-pink colour and I love it!

The photo really does not do this polish enough justice... in real life it's far glossier. It reminds me of the range of pinks that OPI do, but this was a fraction of the price!

The set came with 2 bottles of full-sized polish (8ml each) and on Beautique.com there is another set called 'Glamour Nail Duo', which contains 'UR Hot' (a vibrant coral pink) and 'UR Envied' (a super hot fuchsia). Sadly, they don't seem to have the 'French Duo' set, but this may be found on eBay.

This is how they both look...

I can't wait to try 'UR Heavenly' as I love beige/nude shades and this looks gorgeous. A review post will follow when I do!

Along with this polish, I used Under & Over by Topshop as a base coat and Super Shiney by Creative Nail as a top coat. I also treated my nails with Creative Nail SolarOil before applying any polish (I massaged it in well and removed any excess with tissue).

Have you bought any Urban Retreat nail polishes? Which one's your favourite? x


  1. Lovely! Do you have any photos of the beige colour, that sounds interesting?


  2. I've never tried Urban Retreat nail polishes, but the colour is gorgeous!



  3. @Stacey.. I do! I meant to include it - oops! I shall edit the blog post shortly :) x

    @R... I love it :) It can be worn sheer as part of a French Manicure or built up to an opaque colour - it's just gorgeous! :) x

  4. you're nails are effing perfect. The second mine start to grow I always break, bite, or cut them.. it's pretty terrible. x


  5. beautiful nails, i love it!!

  6. This is such a gorgeous color! I wish these products were available here, because I am on the hunt for a color exacrtly like that one! Thanks for sharing this! =)

    Andrée xx

  7. @devorelebeaumonstre.. thanks hun! :) oh no :( I used to bite mine, then I had extensions, then I bit them again & now (finally!) I have some to call my own! ;) x

    @elly.. thank you! :) x

    @Straight Up Glam.. thanks Andree :) x I decided to add another photo so you can see it in natural light. For a dupe, you could try Nails Inc or OPI x

  8. @Yuliya xoxo.. thank you :) the pink is stunning & I can't wait to try the beige! x

  9. wow what a bargain, i love leighton denny too. Im a big fan of solar oil like your last post too. Ha. I wish they had this at my tk max. Ive never spotted any leighton denny in there xx

  10. @nicoletta.. I couldn't believe it when I saw it (wrapped & sealed!) in their Clearance section! I didn't realise it was by Leighton Denny until I opened it up. My local one is the best I've been too - it's not very big, but they have loads in there :) x

  11. @Sarah.. thanks :) I love it already & can see myself wearing it A LOT! ;) x


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