Monday, February 07, 2011

My MAC Makeup Essentials...

As you might know, I had a huge clear-out before Christmas last year and got rid of A LOT of stuff. The amount of shower gels, moisturisers, eyeshadows, lipglosses, etc, etc I had accumulated was obscene! I had far too much stuff and some of it should have been thrown out a long time ago.

So... because I had got rid of so much stuff, I found myself in need of buying items to build upon my existing collection. For example, I've never owned a gel eyeliner! I know - shocking! ;) Likewise, I didn't have any Paint Pots from MAC. Don't hand me tissue just yet, though, as I do now :)

I took a good look at my collection and decided that I needed to get a few things so that I had more of 'the basics' and less 'wear-once' items.

With that in mind, I went to MAC and got:

2 Paint Pots...

Painterly & Blackground

The above photo was taken without the flash. 'Painterly' is a fantastic nude/neutral base shade and is a real makeup must-have. When applied, it makes your eyelids look fresh, natural and flesh-toned. This creates the perfect base for eyeshadows/eyeliner and makes any colour 'true to shade'.

This is how they look swatched (with flash)...

I applied them to a plain sheet of paper, as 'Painterly' is the same colour as my skin and didn't show up when I swatched it on my hand!

'Blackground' is a perfect smokey-eye shade. If you're looking for a one-stop-colour to create a gorgeous smokey effect, you need this Paint Pot! :)



This is an amazing gel eyeliner! I seriously do not know how I lived without it. I also have 'Smoulder' by MAC and whilst this is good, 'Fluidline' is perfect! I used it on both of my 'My Inspired Look...' posts recently and I am so impressed with the way it stays put all day. I applied it to my lower waterline and it did not budge. That's real staying power!

If you're looking to build upon your basic makeup kit, I cannot recommend these 3 products highly enough... You don't need a lot of each to achieve a great look so a pot will last you a long time.

Each of these cost £13.50 from MAC.

Have you got any of these items in your collection? What's your favourite MAC staple? x


  1. I love painterly paint pot - makes any eyeshadow last way longer!

  2. @Me, my make-up and I.. It's such a great product - I wish I'd bought it sooner! :)

  3. I am going to have to try painterly pot, it looks fab, I love eye bases but didn't even realise that Mac did one. I have been using Bobbie Brown gel eyeliner for a couple of years, I have tried others but they just don't stay put all day, I think I will have to give the Mac one a try. I only actually own one Mac product and that is the Strobe Cream, which I have been using for years. Think I'm going to have to revisit Mac and try a few more products. Thanks for yet another fantastic review. Jude xx

  4. I use soft ochre paint pot (better match for my skin colour). It creases if I'm not careful, I have to make sure I don't apply too much (and don't apply it straight after my mousturiser). I find it works best with neutral looks. I tend to use it for everyday (work) make-up and then Urban Decay primer potion for brighter colours... I've never had a black gel liner. Blacktrack looks good! x

  5. @Jude.. you're welcome :) I always used to read great things about Painterly and everyone seemed to rave about it! It's so versatile because you can wear it over a dark colour to add more depth :) I bought Strobe Cream too and love mixing it with my moisturiser before applying foundation. Would love to see your MAC purchases when you get them :) x

    @Ruthy.. You need 'Blacktrack'! ;) I looked at Rubenesque, but that was a real 'rose gold' colour (which is nothing like the swatch on MAC website!) I'll have to look out for some UD Primer Potion too :) x


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